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FCGuard – FCC in a box

Navigating the intricate world of Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) can quickly become a costly operation for both new and established organisations. First generation approaches that are rules based and deterministic in nature have proven to be less effective and costly to maintain.

In order to pro-actively monitor and mitigate FCC risk, there is a need to adopt advanced data driven strategies towards customer onboarding and ongoing monitoring of risk throughout the customer lifecycle. FCGuard is Contineo’s end to end ‘FCC in a box’ solution that provides next generation technology for maintaining highly effective FCC defenses without incurring high operational costs.


Complete Solution

FCGuard is an all encompassing ‘FCC in a box’ solution that allows you to seamlessly onboard, monitor, and screen all your customer relationships and transactions in real time


Containing a large library of scenarios based on best practices across monitoring and screening, FCGuard is available for different industry segments and geographies

Quick To Implement

Our solution is built and delivered by industry experts who have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through a speedy and non-intrusive implementation


Monitor Transactions

Use advanced scenarios to monitor suspicious transactional patterns that pose a money laundering risk.

Comply With Sanctions

Our state of the art self learning model allows for screening against sanctions, PEP, and adverse media in both real time and batch.

Report To Regulators

File SARs/STRs directly to regulatory authorities through online channels with full data based evidence.

Escalate Cases

Work alerts and cases across the organisation whilst maintaining data privacy.

Onboard Customers

Onboard customers seamlessly through multiple channels in real time and comply with all screening and risk scoring requirements.

Maintain Full Audit

Track all data flows and user actions across the board.

FCGuard Benefits


Advanced Detection Capability


Vast Scenario Library


Satisfy Regulatory Obligations