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Contineo Tuning & Optimisation

High levels of false positives continue to be a major issue across the industry because the underlying root causes are often multiple, interlinked, not quite straightforward to identify, and may vary significantly based on the organisation size and complexity.

Addressing this issue requires a combination of very niche skill sets and tools, along with a track record of having successfully delivered significant efficiency gains by tuning and optimisation of FinCrime platforms.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Transaction Monitoring

We are able to offer a unique insight and bespoke packages to support and address your specific issues around monitoring.

Types of services range from scenario assessments (condition and threshold), scenario testing, threshold tuning, scenario generation and effectiveness testing.

Watch-List Screening

Our team has a wealth of experience in this area and we provide a very precise and tailor made services package that is outcome based and addresses the specific issues that you are looking to overcome.

We have hands on expertise of working with leading watch-list screening platforms and are experienced in optimising their behaviour and performance in order to align with your risk appetite.

Reduction in false positives
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Increase in effectiveness
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Tuning & Optimisation Results

Reduction in false positives
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Increase in effectiveness
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We let the outcomes we deliver speak for themselves. In a recent assignment we helped a Tier1 Banking organisation reduce its false positives by 30% and increase its screening effectiveness by 10% at the same time!

This was all done in a record timeframe and resulted in significant operational cost savings, and was only possible due to the deep insights, methods, and knowledge our team of experts were able to bring to the assignment.

Tuning & Optimisation


Define the baseline to measure improvements against.

Data Analysis

Perform root cause analysis by deep analysis of underlying data.

Risk Appetite

Inform the analysis by sharing relevant details regarding risk appetite

Identify Optimal Settings

Update underlying settings and algorithms in iterations and discover the optimal path.


Perform above the line and below the line testing to ensure adherence to risk appetite.

Tuning & Optimisation Benefits

Improve Risk Coverage

Reduce Cost

Boost Productivity