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Contineo Regulatory Support

FinCrime regulatory demands span across many operating processes from advisory and model design, to program evaluation and implementation. There is a key focus on maintaining operational performance improvement and remediation.

To ensure you are fully compliant, the FCA require all Financial Institutions to implement systems and controls to mitigate risk.

The implications of managing regulations are not straightforward and bear many challenges. Using regulatory support enables companies to operate efficiently and reduce the worry of FinCrime activity.

What We Offer

What We Offer

At Contineo FRS, we provide specialist regulatory support to aid all Financial Institutions in their fight against Financial Crime. Ensuring you are DFS504 compliant is essential and we focus on assessing whether or not an organisation is able to demonstrate its compliance under the regulations.

An assessment is carried out to identify, review and challenge the evidence regarded as relevant.

Key Elements

Banks are required to certify that their AML transaction monitoring and OFAC filtering program standards meet the ever more stringent compliance control expectations.

OFAC Screening Obligations
It is mandated that organisations are fully compliant with OFAC sanctions and regulations.

Localised Legislation and Laws
Mitigate the inconsistent or incoherent implementation of financial crime compliance standards and guidance by providing regulatory clarity.

Regulatory Support

Reliable Software

We create a robust system to help Financial Institutions enhance their existing process.

Around The Clock Support

We provide ongoing regulatory reports of your existing data.

Records Management And Control

We protect the integrity of sensitive documents and electronic records.

Regulatory Support Benefits

Identify Customers

Monitor Suspicious Activity

Bespoke Testing