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Regulatory scrutiny has heightened over recent years with Model Governance being placed into the spotlight, requiring organisations to take accountability for model accuracy and performance.

Organisations now face the challenge of how to implement effective governance frameworks and model risk management systems to deal with this increased regulatory pressure. They must ensure that they fully understand their models and are able to present sufficient documentation to demonstrate their model design, accuracy, intended use, applicability and administration of each model.

Model validation has become particularly relevant with the introduction of NY DFS 504 regulation and the ongoing discussion of the OCC Model Governance guidelines.

What We Offer

What We Offer

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Our Model Validation services cover a variety of model types, including AML transaction monitoring, customer risk rating, sanctions, list screening and fraud. We incorporate industry best practices, experienced SMEs and consider the objectives of each organisation.

Our validation approach and deliverables have been designed to comply with all regulatory guidance, customising validation techniques to meet each organisations needs while maintaining adherence to all mandated regulations. Our specialists use various validation methodologies combined with a risk-based approach that ensures accuracy of data inputs, as well as offering strategies and proposals to enhance your model output and efficiency.

Core Elements

  • Evaluation of conceptual soundness, including developmental evidence, implementation technique, control framework and operational processes across AFC screening programs (Transactions Filtering and Name List Screening).
  • Ongoing monitoring, including process verification and benchmarking against industry standards.
  • Outcomes analysis, including back-testing.

Key Elements

  • Understanding the model design which includes identifying the organisations AML risks such as customer types, products/services, geographic locations, and regulatory risk.
  • Ensuring the calibration and rule tuning is consistent with the Bank’s risk appetite.
  • Validating the data limitations, functionality, mapping, inputs/outputs, scenario designs and data integrity.

FinCrime Validation

Regulatory Adherence

Ensuring the program meets regulatory expectations to avoid potential fines.

Identify Risk

Minimise the Anti-Money Laundering risk within your program.


Identifying opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.

Manage Risk

Tracking AML risks across all products, services and lines of business.

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