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FinResolve – FinCrime Case Manager

Financial Institutions (Fls) continuously strive to improve efficiency when it comes to FinCrime investigations. Lower levels of efficiency not only result in higher operating costs, but can also lead to a potential compromise in the quality of investigations.

The time taken per alert is a key metric which is directly linked to the number of clicks the investigator has to make, and the different systems needed to access in order to carry out an alert investigation. Having all the data points available and easily accessible, combined with a next generation User Interface (UI) is essential to make investigations data driven, and swift.

FinResolve is a specialist solution for FinCrime investigations that provides a data rich and user friendly environment for the investigators, and reporting that could significantly reduce potential risk exposure. It incorporates advanced options for spike management, automation of investigations, alert prioritisation, and management reporting.

Case Manager

Alert Management

Specialist fincrime alert manager that can receive alerts from multiple systems and APIs

Case Management

Comprehensive complex case handler with effective workflows ensures data privacy is preserved

Advanced Analytics

Optimised analytics applied specifically to target industry to satisfy operational, audit, regulatory and model management requirements



Standardise your alert handling and reporting approach across both name and transaction screening.

Flexible Model

Structured to meet your needs. No matter the size of your business operation, our multi-layered solution can accommodate any hierarchy and workflow needs.

Alert Spikes

Manage spikes efficiently and in an auditable manner without requiring large FTE involvement.


Introduce efficiencies by automating repetitive steps.

Cost Savings

Reduce operating costs by combining your name and transaction screening utility.

FinResolve Benefits


Data Driven Investigations


Efficiency Savings


Fully Auditable