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InteliList - FinCrime List Manager

Financial institutions are accountable for screening customers and involved parties against multiple sanctions lists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists.

Failure can result in sanctions breaches and potential regulator fines which can reach billions of dollars. The goal of any watchlist screening program is to reduce risk and comply with global directive aimed at combatting money laundering and terrorist financing.

Inconsistent and poorly formatted data can create questionable matches that require manual review and can jeopardise your organisation.

Control handed to you
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A secure platform that enables consumers to effectively manage and operate their end-to-end watchlist management process


An efficient suite of modules that allows consumers to take control of their watchlist management process


A platform that enables consumers to manage watchlist processes methodically and accurately resulting in operational efficiencies



Effective workflow saves time and money. Our software offers the ability to customize displays, data metrics, data displays and data flows ensuring users have the most efficient and effective tools available to them to complete tasks.


Watchlist management can be a complex operation to establish and manage. We believe that we’ve built a solution that makes the complex intricacies of watchlist management simple to implement and operate.


We have consciously developed our software with flexibility at the forefront of our approach. Having the ability to operate within a flexible model that compliments your existing infrastructure without the need to adapt existing processes saves time and ultimately money. It also provides the comfort that if your risk appetite changes the system can adapt to support new future strategies.


Having the ability to confidently locate, isolate and identify all aspects of technical and operational activity is critical to an effective operation. Our solution captures all actions with credentials and time/date stamps. Our solution also allows you to produce reports against specific actions and user activity.


Being able to respond to global and internal demand is imperative to any functional watchlist system. Our offering allows you to create new lists, amend existing schedules, create your own user profiles and privileges on demand. Failure to act quickly may result in sanctions breaches and potential regulator fines which can reach billions of dollars.

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Import Flexibility

Sophisticated Reporting

Key Stroke Audit